World Environment Day Preschool Activities and Crafts

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Summer break is round the corner – time for kids to engage in creative stuff with mum and dad.  This summer make every day a learning lesson in global environment before you are ready to celebrate 5th June World Environment Day in full gusto with your kiddo. Month of June is indeed special – gives many reasons to celebrate Nature – it is recognized as Zoo and Aquarium Month.

Help your children celebrate nature, love nature, and protect nature each and every day.


Start Summer Time Crafting Session on a Green Note

Curious minds are eager learners. As a millennial parent, you can make learning about this special day and major environmental issues fun for kids with interesting craft work.  

The joint-venture activities will indeed be fruitful. Take out scissors, take out glue and get hold of craft materials and objects. Get indulged in colourful fun time with your little heart.


Topmost Ideas for Creative and Innovative World Environment Day Activities

Activity and craft ideas, on World Environment Day, shared here are apt for kids in the age bracket of 3 to 5 years old. These will give them knowledge and utmost pleasure. They will learn about the importance of protecting nature to save precious human lives. There are a number of activities that parents can share with their children, including nature-watching, planting trees, and making scrapbooks about their activities and days spent in the lap of nature.


Colouring Pages

Kids love to scribble around with colours even before learn how to spell or write the alphabet. Give them environment themed colouring pages. You can also engage kids with leaf, fruit and vegetable print coloring activities.

Get hold of printable colouring pages on the web in the category of Plants & Flowers, Endangered Species, Forestry & Trees, Animals, Ocean Creatures, and more. Else you can get hold of an environment education based colouring book from the nearest store or download a PDF document.

Alphabet Activities

You can start environment education even with alphabets. This summer why don’t you teach ‘E’ for Earth, ‘R’ for Recycle’, ‘P’ for Plastic’, ‘W for Water’ and ‘G’ for Global Warming’ – this way they would be able to learn more on Nature and enrich vocabulary.

Tree Planting

Gardening is fun. Invite your children to plant a sapling in your terrace garden or in the neighborhood community. Nothing can be more valuable that tree-planting activity because the little gardener will love to nurture the sapling with water and watch it grow. Let them know the importance of ‘Save Tree, Save Life’ mantra right from a tender age.


Poster Making

Little artists of tomorrow presenting the winners of drawing competition blog

Make big cut outs of chart paper and ask your kid to draw Mother Earth, mountains, oceans, plants and animals. Help them to write ‘My Beautiful World’ on top of the poster. Put it up in your kid’s room to enliven the room.

You can also ask them to make handprint posters on paper or T-shirt. Customize it wonderful messages like ‘Be kind to Earth’, ‘Save Every Drop of Precious Water’, ‘Cleaner World, Greener World’, and likewise.

You will be happy to see creative ideas flowing in full force from an infant mind.


Puzzle Corner

Puzzles are loved by kids. Enjoy environment-themed puzzle solving with your little one. Start with simpler puzzle blocks and switch to difficult level ones when your kid has mastered the art.

Poetry Fun

Read out some interesting poem of animals and nature. Let your little poet pen down a couple of lines about favorite animal or flower. Enjoy creative genius at its best.


Recycled Craft

Junk or discarded objects available in your household can be incredible craft-making material for your child. These may include unused plastic bottles, cans, corks, bottle caps, egg cartons, food jars, leftover pages, newspapers, and toilet paper rolls, to name a few. You can make animal crafts –cartoon crafts of endangered animals like polar bears can be a fun way to talk to them about these problems and build a sympathetic worldview towards it.

Recycled craft activity is indeed the need of the hour. Kids learn how plastic waste and unused items are adding to environmental waste and endangering lives of man, land animal and marine creatures.

Go for a Nature Walk

Outdoor activities are always fun. Go for a morning or evening stroll on green acres of grass. Teach them about natural environment and how important is to safeguard greenery in the neighbourhood. Make them learn about simple ways to keep Earth clean, safe and beautiful.


Show the Right Path to the Budding Environment Lovers

Awareness begins at home. It is you who can tutor every bit about environment. Correct messages will help your kid grow up to a responsible environment lover. Start right from today ‘coz World Environment Day is not too far away.

Train up a generation who will value the essence of keeping Earth in safe hands.



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