Winter Tips for your Kids

Winter is a season that some love and others hate. Yet, the season is inevitable and there are many precautionary measures that one needs to take in order to stay healthy and warm especially when children are also concerned. 

For instance, take Geeta’s situation with her two sons, aged three and five respectively. Geeta loved everything about winters- the chilly mornings, the cozy clothes, early evenings, and warm food. But, with her two sons, she hardly had the time to enjoy all that since she was constantly worried about all the dangers that this season brought with it. It was hard to keep her sons from not taking off their coats or mittens every few minutes after playing in the park. Also, while her kids preferred not taking a bath in the summer months, the winter months seemed to be the fun time for them to go about playing with it. There were so many things she had to shield her children from like the flu, a stuffy nose, infections, or dry skin and it was just driving her crazy.

If you too are at your wit’s end trying to keep your children safe during winters then there are certain tips that you can keep in mind to ease your nerves. Keeping this mind here are some things that you can do to keep your children safe, healthy, and happy throughout winter.


  • Keep Winter Clothing Clean: 

  It is important to keep our winter clothing clean by washing them on a regular basis especially when children are involved even if we do not sweat. The reason is that winter wear has the tendency to attract dust, which is the leading cause of asthma and allergies. 

  • Regularly wash hands:

    It’s winter and it is cold but it’s never a holiday for germs. So, ensure that your child/ children often wash their hands with warm water every time they finish playing or come home from outdoors. This will also ensure that they are shielded from common illnesses like the flu.

  • Keep rooms ventilated:

    We often keep our homes closed during winters to keep the space warm without being aware that doing so could attract more microbes into the area. Hence, to prevent this from happening, open up your doors and windows while it’s still bright and sunny in the morning and let some fresh air inside.

  • Let in some sunshine:

    Just as fresh air is important for your homes, so is some sunshine. Not only will it help you get rid of the germs inside your home but also spread some positive energy around. 


  • Nosebleeds:Nosebleeds are a common winter health hazard and if your child suffers from it then it would help if you use a cold-air humidifier in their room. If your medical practitioner advises, you can also use saline nose drops to keep their nose moist during the dry months.

  • Immunization:
    Remember to get your child vaccinated when the winter months are at bay. Talk to your medical specialist and get the necessary flu shots for your children from ages 6 months and older.

  • Cold or Flu:
    Remember that the common cold and flu is spread by germs that travel in the air that we breath when someone sneezes or coughs. If your child is suffering from the cold or flu, ask them to cover their mouth or nose to prevent spreading germs. Similarly, ask them to do the same when they are in proximity to someone who is ill.


  • Layer up:
    When you dress your child for a cold winter’s day,ensure to layer up their clothing in the right way, so that if the weather gets warm you can remove the top layers and still ensure they are warm and not sweating. The thumb rule is to dress older babies and young children in one more extra layer of clothing than an adult would wear in the same weather conditions. Remember to keep the ears and hands covered when your children go out to play. 
  • Stock up on winter accessories:
    Before winter sets in, go shopping for your little one and stock up on as many winter accessories like gloves, socks, ear muffs, and caps to keep them warm and happy. Don’t forget to add on a pair or two of warm boots to the list.

Before going outdoors

  • Apply sunscreen:Children can still get sunburned in the winter. So, apply sunscreen to exposed areas of the body when your children go out to play.
  • Moisturize:

    Chapped lips, cracked cheeks, and flaky skin is another common problem for kids during winters. Hence, remember to always keep their skin moisturised either by using a good massage oil or lotion. 

  • Check in on warmth: Before kids go out to play, talk to them and tell them to come home if they feel cold or get sweaty and wet. It is also important for parents to keep watching the kids and checking on them since they might still be playing outside even if they are wet or cold.


Food and Drinks

  • Immune-Boosting Food and Drinks:
    Our immunity is at the lowest during winters and it is important to keep it boosted to prevent illnesses. Consuming good and nutritious foods and vegetables can boost the body’s immunity and keep your children healthy. If your child refuses to eat his vegetables, try adding them to a soup or any delicious recipe they like. 
  • Hydration:
    Ensure that your child drinks plenty of fluids during winter. This will keep them hydrated during the winter months. If you are unable to get them to drink water on a regular basis, substitute it with warm soups or beverages. 


So, these are some winter tips for kids that every parent should keep in mind. Are there any others that you would like to share with us? OckyPocky would love to hear what you have to share.


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