Kids are like kaleidoscopes. They show and reflect what they see and learn around them.

If they are always clinging to you or habitual of your all-time presence, their scope of development is never going to be good enough.

A two-year-old kid is never going to develop emotionally and psychologically if there are no challenging situations around.    


Foster “Independent play” in your kids.

While the independent play is good for you and your downtime, it is much better for your kids. During independent play, a child explores a lot.

If your daughter rifle through her toy bin, let her on her own. I am not here suggesting to leave the room but have a watch from a healthy distance. She may show you toy she found or something interesting she explored, looking for your smile. Engage and appreciate. You will also enjoy it.

When children play independently and freely, they gain so many skills which are very critical to psychological, emotional, and physical development.

The bundle of energy gets diverted and channelized in a constructive manner. How? Let me explain

Brings out Their Imagination

When these clean slate minds hold something new, you have to look at their intriguing face and expressions. They keep looking and figure out what exactly is there in their hands. Without anyone dictating actions, children have the freedom to explore their creativity.  This improves their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Eventually, such kids become more adaptive and successful in lie overall. Pus, they learn to understand their emotions better and become smart enough to communicate their feelings with you,

Self-confidence and social independence

By engaging themselves on their own, kids don’t depend on others for entertainment and happiness. It is such an important life skill to have which sometimes we, adults lack. This is the best way to make them confident and satisfied.


Don’t you wish that your baby learns that the mother isn’t always at the beck and call?

Some babies cry their lungs out even if you are a second late to attend them generally, it is because of lack of patience.

With independent play, babies gradually learn to have patience, control emotions, self-control which are critical and healthy life attributes.

Prepare for preschool

Highroad to Admissions - The First Kid

You would have heard that many kids are not comfortable leaving their lovely home for school. Because you are their only playmate. They feel abandoned when you drop them at school because they are not comfortable in self-soothing or don’t feel self-confident.

Independent play develops self-soothing feelings and your kid will be always ready to take a new adventure.

You might have understood the importance of independent play but there is a way to introduce it to your little ones. Do not expect your kid to get comfortable in a day. It takes time and you have to prepare your little one for that.

When the baby is five months old and ready to hold his head up, you may begin planning optimal time for this. Your little one is ready to grasp things and manipulate toys. To start with,

  1.    Make sure baby is nicely rested, well-fed and has had quality time with a parent before starting
  2.    Be close by for the first few days.
  3.    Give only developmentally appropriate toys to play
  4.    If the baby cries or feels insecure, just go, calm her down and re-introduce the toy.
  5.    Start with just 5 or 10 minutes of alone time and then gradually increase the span.

It’s our job as parents to make children introduce to their ever-expanding environment to regulate their emotions in challenging situations.

Eventually, it prepares them for anything their days hold- may be mornings of solo play, afternoons with playgroup or evening sleepovers with friends.

Another perk is that you get some time to yourself. This isn’t a primary goal, of course, but it means a lot.

Hey Mommy, imagine your sipping a coffee, relaxed and your baby is busy I playing without you running after them, this scene feels so amazing right? Only other mum can understand this.

It will calm you down and make you a happier person. And we know, Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids.

Then why to wait? Start introducing this development gift of independent play to your kids and see the magic!

My Instagram blog  berrylicious.me gives me a space to connect with all like-minded parents and share my views and knowledge on parenting, postpartum life, pregnancy care, and child development.
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I am a mom blogger who is primarily trying to create awareness and bring a perspective on motherhood struggles, issues of parenting and life of a mother in general. I get fascinated by researching, learning and sharing about the best ways to develop a child. My Instagram blog berrylicious.me gives me a space to connect with all like-minded parents and share my views and knowledge on parenting, postpartum life, pregnancy care, and child development.

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