Valentine’s Day Ideas For Your Kids

As parents, it can be mind-boggling to find great ideas that could give your child meaning and purpose on this day. However, it does not have to be that way. You can make this day a celebration for your little one as any other important day. To make things easier for you here are some ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s day with kids.

Get the Family Together

As they say “Charity begins at home”, so does your child’s learning too. This Valentine’s Day, show your child the true meaning of love by inviting all your family members together. When you express your joy and happiness by being around the ones that you love, your child will learn to value relations more by the day.

Work on Fun Gift Projects

Gifts are another way to express one’s love for another. However, you must inculcate into your child’s mind that gifts are more precious when they are given from the heart rather the price tag they come with. So, on this special day, sit down with your little one and start getting crafty. You could make anything starting from small cards of appreciation to small DIY gifts like a bookmark or a felt photo frame.

Get Baking with your Little One

Every kid likes snooping into the kitchen when Mummy is whipping up a meal. So, there is no doubt that your little one will enjoy cutting out cookie shapes or filling in cupcake moulds when you plan to bake for them this Valentine’s Day. The bonus in this activity is you get to spend a lot of fun quality time with your kids, while also giving them the joy of satisfaction that they helped Mommy cook a meal.

Plan a Date

There is no greater gift for a child than her parents time, which is why they will cherish this day with you forever. You could go out shopping, watch a movie, visit a children’s play area and activity centre, and have a lovely lunch date at your little one’s favourite food joint.

Teach Your Little One About Love

At a young age, children are more receptive and hence learn what you teach them even quicker. You can teach your child about love by watching an animated movie like Frozen where sisterly love conquers it all. Other than that, you can also read them the story of how Valentine’s Day came into being because of the love, sacrifice, and commitment of Saint Valentine. After all, these are virtues that makes us all humane.

Host a Toddler Party

Get in touch with all the moms in your circle for a toddler party on Valentine’s Day so that all the little ones can have their own version of fun. Since it’s warm and sunny and also close to the spring season, you can host a cosy tea party for the moms. You can add a photo booth for creating memories and even hire a bounce house for the kids to play in. In case the kids are sleepy, you could also arrange for mattresses to be laid out on the living room floor for the kids to roll on.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for families to create a bond among themselves. It is the perfect opportunity for creating more love between siblings, parents, and children altogether. If all this while you thought that this day was just about giving gifts, lavish meals, and bouquets of roses, then it’s time to reinvent it all. As a parent, this special day will bring more meaning to you, and the ideas above will help you create the best memories in your life with your kids.

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