Tips for a Safe Holi With Toddlers

Radhika had been busy all week long because her little ones could not contain their excitement for what was coming ahead. Yes, it was that time of the year again when children and grown-ups would be throwing colours and water balloons at each other to celebrate Holi. Radhika was happy to see her little ones happy, but also as a mother, she was worried because of many stories of accidents happening around this time. She had once heard how a child had lost his hearing abilities because someone splashed water into his ears, and also of children going missing on this day. She just kept worrying about how she could keep her children safe.
Like Radhika, there are thousands of parents who are contemplating the same thoughts. Every parent worries about their little one and there are ways to avert them. So, to help parents keep their toddlers safe this Holi, here are some tips to keep handy.

Encourage the Use of Eco-Friendly Colours

colorful hands

Gulal and other permanent Holi colours possess harmful chemicals that can cause skin rashes, and might even prove dangerous if accidentally consumed or comes in contact with the eyes. So, as a parent, to keep your children safe, it is recommended to use only organic colours. You can also prepare your own colour at home with natural products, with turmeric or rice flour dipped in edible paint, which will ensure safeguard from harm even if consumed. This also ensures that other kids are playing a safe Holi too.

Stay Close to Your Kids

If it’s Holi, there will be a crowd and lots of water and colour everywhere. This is all the more reason for you to always stay as close to your children as possible. People usually fill large tubs of water as a supply for pichkaris and splashing each other and a child is not safe anywhere near it lest he/she falls into the tub. Furthermore, since there will be a crowd, your child might wander off on his/her own and end up lost. So, even if you stop to catch up with friends to greet them, never let your eye wander away for too long. In fact, hold your child close to you to prevent any mishap at all.

Teach Your Child to Use the Pichkari Safely

Pichkaris or hand water pumps can add more enjoyment for kids on Holi. But, these playthings can prove to be dangerous as well. Thus your child must know how to use the pichkari correctly without hurting anyone, including themselves, physically. For instance, tell your kid not to aim the pichkari at someone’s face because it could harm the eyes or ears and could lead to blindness or loss of hearing. Children being innocent and harmless as they are, will pick the message if you explain things to them clearly. If every parent passed on this message to their kids, everyone can have a safer festival of colours.

Dress them Appropriately

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What your child wears on Holi is important in keeping them safe physically. Ensure that you dress your child, boy or girl, in full-sleeved shirts so that the colour does not come in direct contact to their skin. Some children have highly sensitive skin, and contact with any colour could cause a rash. You can also take extra precaution for their eyes by making them wear swimming goggles while playing. It will just be another costume party for them.

Keep Emergency Numbers Close by

This is the most important step for you to take on Holi as a parent. Accidents come unprecedentedly and it can happen on this day too. So, remember to set up numbers of your doctor, a nearby hospital, ambulance, or whoever can help during a crisis on your phone’s emergency list. It can never hurt to be extra careful. In fact, it can be resourceful and also help others in need.

Keep the Hair safe

A child’s scalp is another sensitive area that Holi colours can damage. So, whether your child is a boy or girl, ensure to massage their hair with coconut oil one night before Holi and then again the next morning for extra protection before they head out to play. Other than that, if their hair is short, you could protect it with a hat or scarf. For little girls with long hair, tie up a ponytail to prevent the colour getting into the scalp.
There is nothing that can make a parent happier than witnessing their child playing safely on Holi. Festivals are a time of enjoyment and there should never be a moment of sadness to cloud the day. So, stay prepared and follow the few tips given above before Holi actually knocks on your door.

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