The Future of Kids’ Content is Edutainment

By Amit Agrawal

Our education system is designed to make excellent parrots out of your preschool kid. And the system is the king ruling over us for more than 50 years and sadly, it’s here to stay.

However, parents are understanding the importance of  play and learning as our generation has suffered in the suffocating hands of traditional schooling. Apart from getting involved in child’s formative schooling, parents are also ditching the time-tested idiot box and opening the avenues of online edutainment! It was 2011, when parents kids turned to YouTube to have their kids learn something more meaningful for future i.e. rhymes versus mindless cartoon shows.

YouTube (and now with YouTube Kids)  however is a  media giant catering to a wider understood need around only entertainment. What is the missing link is the most important partner in this journey i.e. the parent. When we look at parent psychology – a lot many of them are looking for engaging solutions that will be more edutainment. Entertainment because a young bundle of energy does need to be interacted with creatively. Educational because they are figuring out the world and full of curiosity.




We, at OckyPocky recognise this need and see this as a huge wave for preschool kids, parent must be a partner to the learning journey of the child. This means, our lens cannot any longer be  just entertainment. The future of kids content is edutainment and our platform is building cutting edge stuff to enable the right kind of experiences. What I am proud of is that we have figured out a path to partner with the most important person in a little one’s life – the parent(s). We are investing in amazing technology that takes parents along and keep them equipped with the rapid evolution that most little minds are capable of – once enabled by right products. OckyPocky includes parents in the journey with actionable insights and special learning zones that require both parents to be equal partners in the exciting learning journey.  While we have just begun or journey few months back, we are always open to your feedback.

Come and partner with us on our mission!

You can contribute through ideas, becoming privileged testers of our lab features – just get engaged! Help us build a better OckyPocky who can be  the perfect reflection of an elder sibling that every child aspires at some stage to have 🙂

Please write to me personally at [email protected] and I will make sure we recognize all good ideas and efforts – we need help and it could be just a small thought in your head – which can lead us to push the limits of innovation!

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