Stammering in Kids and Tips to Control it

Maya’s 5-year old son had started to use a string of sentences to communicate with people around him. But, there were times when his speech was interrupted by the repetition or extension of certain sounds or words. In fact, he stammered a lot sometimes and this caused Maya a great deal of concern for her son.

So, Maya decided to visit the doctor with her son, to whom she voiced her concern about her son’s stutter. After a brief test and diagnosis, the doctor assured Maya that nothing was wrong with her son. The doctor also added that the condition was only temporary and would improve as he grew. 

Like Maya, many parents are concerned to find their children stuttering or stammering while talking. Is it a condition that will last a lifetime? Will it affect their future? How can we stop the stammering? All these questions and more run in the minds of parents everywhere and they only wish that they had the answer for it all.

What is stammering in kids?

Stammering, also known as stuttering, is a common speech disorder brought about by physiological factors in children. Between the ages of 2-5 years, children go through a period of temporary stammering because during this time they are undergoing development in language and speech skills. This form of stammering only lasts for a few months or weeks and is outgrown. However, sometimes stammering persists, the intensity raging between mild or severe, and that is when parents should be concerned and take steps to help their child’s speech development. 

Tips to help kids with stammering

Though the exact cause for stammering in kids is not known to doctors till now, it is presumed to be inherited from family genetics or neurological problems which cause children to process language in a different manner.

In order to help their kids with this problem here is what parents can do.

  • Make conversations with your kids as fun as possible. You can hymn or make them sing along so that they remember sentences and phrases easily.
  • Do not correct your child every time they make a mistake. 
  • Encourage your child to make conversations with the family during meals.
  • Avoid distractions such as television or mobile phones.
  • Do not rush your child into learning or criticize them as it will make them feel more self-conscious.
  • If your child is uncomfortable do not ask him/her to speak or read aloud. This will only increase their stammering. Instead, encourage activities that involve less talking and more action. 
  • When your child is talking, do not interrupt him/her or ask them to start over or think before speaking.
  • Provide a calm atmosphere for your child at home by talking slowly and clearly to them or others in his or her presence.
  • Do not show your child any signs of being upset or angry. 
  • Allow your children to speak for themselves and finish their thoughts and sentences. Also, think carefully before you respond to your child’s questions or comments.

These few tips will ensure that your child’s stammering problem. However, if your child’s stammering condition gets worse you should contact your doctor and get an evaluation done. 

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