Pink Nail Polish 2

Pink Nail Polish


It was a usual Saturday play date with moms and kids, five of us mothers were sitting around my dining table, sipping coffee. While talking to Shefali, I noticed she had put pink nail polish only on her pinky finger.

“Why only on that finger?” I asked.

She said, “It is for my niece, Tia. It’s her favorite colour.  A playful four year old girl with endless energy. We had to be on our toes all the time whenever she’ll be around.”

“She wanted to paint. Had asked me for the colours. I was busy on an official call, told her to wait for five minutes.” Shefali continued…“Kids you know… She nagged me to tell where they were. I did.”

“Tia climbed onto the bedroom wall cabinet to pick up the colours, by putting her feet inside the open drawer of the bed’s side table.”



My heart skipped a beat.

“The side table tripped, she tried to hold on to the cabinet. It couldn’t manage her weight either.” “She came toppling down.” Tia fractured her leg, at that very instant.

Two years gone by, she still limps.

Not a day goes by without me thinking about the incident. Sadly, we are not alone. Research says, everyday a child is admitted in an hospital emergency room every 45 minutes because of an accident at home. Tia’s incident could have been avoided. If you have kids or kids visiting then make sure your furniture is safe for them.

Sheetal, our early years development expert shares top three hacks to avoid such incidents at home:

  1. Cushion Sharp Edges
    All of our homes have tables, cabinets, doors, corners with sharp edges. Cushion them all using foam or rubber.
  2. Keep Cabinet Doors Locked
    Toddlers have a tendency to nudge into closed doors. Protect them from opening them, by using rubber-bands.
  3. Duct Tape To Fix Everything Else
    Duct tape comes very handy while baby proofing the house. USe to hold/stick cabinets to the wall, cover power outlets and more. They are the best quick fix solutions.
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