Path of Least Resistance

Path of Least Resistance

Kids are always very inquisitive and one can never figure out what they are thinking. Their mind wanders from anything to everything. They can think about Disney Land to Ben 10 to Kinder World all at once, and they are wonderful observers.

This reminds me of an incident that took place when I and my husband were on our way to an amusement park nearby. Our little champ, who is 3-years old, was sitting in the rear seat. We were engaged in our little chit-chat when suddenly the “door open” indicator lit up. We stopped the car immediately to check. Diva had opened the door while the car was moving. My heart was racing at the speed of a rocket. I did not know what just happened so I asked her as to why she opened the door midway and that does she know how unsafe it is.

To this, I got an answer which took me by surprise, “Mum I was just checking if you have put the child lock or not.” With tears in my eyes I hugged her, I did not know if I should feel bad for making such a silly mistake or proud of my daughter for being so observant. I know the way she told me was wrong and she could have gotten hurt but accidents don’t warn you before happening. They just do!

Our child’s safety is foremost and we should never neglect it. It only takes simple things like checking the child lock before you start to drive. Such rookie mistakes can cost a lot and a little precaution would only make your journey joyous. You never know what goes on in your little one’s mind, so always be prepared.

Carry stuff to keep your kid engaged while you are travelling. It could be toys, colouring books or whatever you feel would keep him hooked. It is always a good idea to keep cosy cushions, blanket, water, food items, napkins, soap, a towel and an extra pair of clothes and shoes handy. Always keep in mind to double check everything before hitting the road. With such basic groundwork, the chance of a pleasant journey with your tiny tots is bound to go up.

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