OckyPocky’s Save Soil Contest 2022

OckyPocky joined hands with Isha Foundation and Sadhguru’s Save Soil Campaign and organized a Global Poem Recitation Contest for Kids on the topic “Soil is Life, Conserve it”.
This contest gave a global platform to young kids to showcase their talents and understand the importance of saving Soil.

We were overwhelmed to see 1000s of entries with students participating from all over India. It was so good to see young talents of India with the zeal and excitement to do something for a cause.
Our judges, after various discussions, came up with the top 10 winners of this contest:

Our winners got a chance to attend Sadhguru’s Save Soil event in Delhi where we  witnessed some vibrant performances from artisans from different states which was followed by appealing performances by famous singer Mohit Chauhan, Classical dancer Radhe Jaggi and Isha Samskriti. The winners were also awarded with a Gardening Kit along with a Certificate and OckyPocky Merchandise. 

We were really happy to interact with our winners and their families who came to attend the event.

We plan to host many more such events in future.
For next amazing contest, tap here.

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