OckyPocky’s FANCY DRESS CONTEST – Children’s Day 2022

OckyPocky organized a Fancy Dress Contest for Kids on Children’s Day which gave a global platform to young kids to show their talent and fluency in ENGLISH.

We are extremely pleased to announce the success of this contest where more than 7000 kids participated from all over the country showcasing their talents by beautifully dressing up and making videos on the topic- ‘My Role Model’.

This contest had two rounds where in the first level kids performed on ‘My Role Model’ and 45 kids were shortlisted for the second level on the topic ‘My Culture’ which went LIVE on FACEBOOK. We were surprised to see so many young talented kids in the contest.

We were amazed to see more than 4000 entries and their beautiful videos. We witnessed some outstanding performances from winners below:

We’re immensely proud of all our winners who participated and aced it.

HILAll the 21 GIVEAWAY winners were awarded with exclusive School Backpack Combo, Certificates & OckyPocky Vouchers.

A big round of applause for all the young talents. The OckyPocky team firmly believes that such competitions help improve the participant’s performance exponentially.


For next amazing contest in December 2022 – click here- https://ockypocky.com/contest


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