OckyPocky Stree Shakti Awards 2020

No dream is too big for her.

After all, she’s a WOMAN! 

This Women’s day, we honour these superwomen who are living their dream. 

Meet our  OckyPocky Stree Shakti Awards winners

Deepti Bhandari- Educator and Entrepreneur.

Homework and no play?  She’s changing this.

With a background in HR, it was until she was raising her toddler, she found her true passion- Math!  She started teaching kids the subject on CueMath (an after school program). It is then her love graduated to educating concepts with play and activities. She recently started a venture called Doh-Dough where she makes organic handmade, taste safe playdough and kits for children to have an open-ended, sensorial and imaginative play.

Greshma Momaya – Education & parenting expert

From starting her career as a kindergarten teacher to becoming the Global Goodwill Ambassador of India, Greshma is an accomplished parenting and education expert. 

She believes that – “For any child, life remains a sea full of rich experiences just waiting to be explored.” As an educator, she would like to become that sea for them. She believes if a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. She has been involved in designing learning environments, scripting curriculum and training teachers in preschool since 2007.  You can meet her in person on her  Facebook live sessions on various issues and concerns pertaining to children.

Aashna Malani – Travel blogger & Instagram influencer

Aashna Malani is one fearless lady who never skips any chance to rational things in a monotony set of life. Beauty, travel, lifestyle, and food, the 5 feet 10-inch tall woman would not be going to stop shining at any cost. 

Walking with her head held high, and making all her experiences worthwhile, is Aashna Malani. A fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger, Aashna has been in the influencer sphere for quite a while now, writing about travel, her life on-the-go and giving it a different angle with her creative bend of mind. Not only is she crazy about travel, but has also established herself as one of the best fashion and travel influencers in India with over 2 Million reach across social media channels. 

She says, ‘It’s very important to be comfortable in your own skin and to venture out to pursue your passion.’ She helps inspire people from all walks of life and without age limit, the importance of being true to oneself and following your dream till you make it.

Gurleen Khokhar

A psychologist, fashion model, motivational speaker, writer & a school principal – Gurleen is a Jack and a master of all trades.  On a mission of helping kids since the beginning of her career,  she helps counselling drop out kids and runs awareness programs on child abuse. Her motivational program Soch Ki Udaan Desh Ke Naam is where she vocally talks about independent learners and parental issues. 

Aarti Bindra – Cyber Security Guru

She’s is breaking all stereotypes of what working women can’t do. A Cyber Security Specialist, a coder by education, a business manager and a natural leader.   A lot of accolades to her name, she prides on her company, ACPL, that comes under TOP 25 Mid-Size “Great Place To Work”, Top 30 Tech Employers, India’s Top Workplaces for Women-2019.

Salute to you, Ma’am!


Vaishali Srivastava – Fashion blogger


Following your heart is not easy, especially when you are a woman from a small town.  Vaishali, while pursuing her degree in Dentistry knew that her heart was somewhere else. She explored the space of fashion blogging while she was in college. Suddenly all of her dreams of pursuing fashion after her 12th got another chance. She started making content with the help of her best friend and soon after a month, she got her first collaboration. Living in a tier 2 city and working with the biggest brands was a dream for her. More power to you, girl! 


Naaz Arora – Hair & Makeup artist, Blogger

Internationally certified Hair & Makeup artist, Instagram celeb, Naaz Arora has cemented her name in the blogosphere. Always up to the minute with the trends, she was awarded as the blogging Star of the Year 2017 by Thapar University &  Best Women’s Trend Blogger 2019 by a renowned magazine. A professional busy bee,  she makes sure to spend quality time with her nephew Fatehbir. 


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