OckyPocky NOW in Rajasthani!!

Did you know learning English for kids is way easier when they learn it in their mother tongue?

“Khamma Ghani sa” Hum aa pahunche hain Rana Pratap aur Bappa Rawal ki bhoomi mein.

Reaching your hearts wasn’t easy for us. We had the whole team work hard to reach RAJASTHAN. English sikhna abb Rajasthan ke har bache ke liye hoga aasan because India’s best english learning app is now in Rajasthani. We used all interactive ways so that kids get instant feedback on pronunciation of words and shape future orators.We are on a mission to change the way 160+ million Indian kids learn English. 

Now we are one of rare startups(maybe 0.01%) who have a specific offering in the language of Rajasthani users. 

Happy to announce – ‘Mewar ke Rajwadon se har chhoti Dhaani tak, ab English har bacha bolega aur zindagi ki har race jeetega’.


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