My First Mother’s Day With My Little One

By Shweta Tawani

My name is Shweta and I will never forget the day when my daughter, Yashvi, my powerhouse of joy, was born. It was the month of July when I first held Yashvi in my arms and absolutely knew that it was going to be a new beginning. There were going to be so many “firsts” that I would be sharing with my little one, which overjoyed me. One of the many firsts that excited me was that next year I would be celebrating my first Mother’s Day with her.

Mother’s Day is a very special day for mothers all over the world to honour not only motherhood but also maternal bonds as well as the importance of mothers in our lives. I had always spent this day with my mom, who has always been a great inspiration to me. Now it was my turn to be the same for Yashvi; to live up to her expectations and dreams.

My first Mother’s Day with little Yashvi was undoubtedly a roller coaster since she was still too young. Yet, I tried my best to make the day a memorable one for me and her as well. As a new mother, it took me a lot of planning and preparation so that Yashvi could cherish these moments when she grows up. Here’s what I did on my first Mother’s Day with Yashvi that you can try doing too.

Arrange a Photo Session


Photos are the best ways to capture memories and relive them in the future. So, for this day, I booked a professional photographer in advance to get pictures of me and Yashvi clicked and then turned into a photo book. This would ensure that when Yashvi comes to an understanding age, she could live over one of her firsts with me and her Dad of course.

Make a Home Video


If photos can capture a moment, imagine the power of video. Since I had planned Yashvi’s first Mother’s Day much in advance, I used the camera on my phone to capture every moment with Yashvi from the time she was still asleep in the morning, to when she woke, whenever she cried or smiled, and whatever activity she was up to for the day. There were times when she was cranky but with my husband beside me, the day was in full control. You should try this too.

Get Imprints of Your Little One’s Hands and Feet

Handprint and footprint kits are easily available everywhere today, more easily in online stores. Now, I was really excited about doing this because I had it planned right from the time Yashvi first came home. But then, logic kicked in and I decided to wait for the right time for Yashvi to add to her book of memories. I felt that Mother’s Day was the perfect time to do so. So, I ordered a simple handprint kit, where I got imprints of both my hands and hers. I’ve placed this imprint on a high shelf in our living room, safe from her hands from now. But once she grows up, I am sure she will be showing it off to all her friends.

Get Crafty

Image source: Kids Discover

I remember, on Yashvi’s first Mother’s Day, I gave her my complete attention and let her be as free as she wanted while also keeping her safety in mind. While I was still planning for activities with Yashvi, I thought why not do some hand paints with her. This would be another one of her firsts in addition to Mother’s Day. So, I also ordered paints that were child-safe and purely made from natural fruit and plant extract. Come Mother’s Day, I stuck together four big sheets of white chart paper and let Yashvi play with the paint as much as she wanted.

By the end of a fun-filled day, Yashvi and I were completely exhausted. Nevertheless, my dream was fulfilled; I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. The best part was that my husband was present too, which made the family complete. My advice is to ask your hubby to be there as well. After all, at some point, you will need to rest too. Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day.

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