My 5-year-Old Kid Asked Me What is Valentine’s Day and Ummm

My 5-year-Old Kid Asked Me What is Valentine’s Day and Ummm

By Guest Writer Shveta

Like any 5-year old, my daughter Myra too was a powerhouse of energy bolting through every corner of the house, doing whatever she was asked not to. More than just that she was always after my 10-year old son Rohan, teasing and taunting the patient soul that he was, whenever she could. Speaking of which, one fine day when I busy doing the laundry, I heard her sing this-

“Rohan and Ruhi sitting in a tree,


Rohan and Ruhi sitting in a tree,


Curious to know what was going on, I walked into the room where my daughter was creating all the commotion. What I saw left me in splits. My little Myra was circling around her brother, who had cupped his ears because of all the noise. Myra just would not stop and I had to put my foot down to make her do so.

Rohan was so relieved that I had finally saved him. As for Myra, she was content with what she had done. Little as she was, I decided it was time for a heart-to-heart talk with her. Little did I know the conversation was going to go this way.

The Conversation

Me: Myra this is not how you treat your brother, and where did you learn this song from? Also, who’s Ruhi?

Myra: Sooorrry. But, Ma it’s Valemtime’s (Myra’s version) Day and Rohan Bhaiyya has a Girlfriend.

Rohan screaming out – “Nooooooo.”

Me: (I am quite surprised by Myra’s knowledge of girlfriends and Valentine’s Day by now) Girlfriend. Hmmm, and Valentine’s. Where did you hear all this?

Myra just went silent and refused to answer. So, I nudged her again. A few more moments of silence and she looked up at me and asked. “Mumma, what is Valemtime’s Day and is it bad?”

That question from my 5-year old pierced my heart and I decided it was time to let both my children know the true meaning of this special day. So, I sat both of them next to me and told them this.

Valentine’s day represents commitment, love, and sacrifice

I chose my next step carefully and decided to start with the story of how Valentine’s Day came to existence. Children love stories and I thought of taking this opportunity. As many of us are unaware, Valentine’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice made by Saint Valentine when When Emperor Claudius II outlawed the marriage of men for making better soldiers. There are different stories related to this day but I decided to stick with this, also because I had a book that illustrates the story more clearly.

Valentine’s day is not just about expensive gifts

I have no objection, whatsoever with anyone buying any type of gift for someone they love. But, I wanted my children to understand that just because it was Valentine’s Day, they did not have to spend all their money just to make someone happy. I talked to them about the value of feelings and how a gift meant from the heart was worth more than any other gift that money could buy.

Valentine’s day is about loving your loved ones and more

Last but not least, I specifically stressed upon the fact that Valentine’s day was not just meant for girlfriends and boyfriends who were in love. I gave Myra an extra glance when I made the point, while also stressing that they were too young for this sort of thing. I hugged both my children and told them that they were my best Valentine’s gifts and that love on this day was to be shared with everyone.

I did not know how much Myra and Rohan understood of what I spoke to them, but I was sure that my words had surely made an impact. The reason being that Myra apologized to Rohan on her own account and Rohan hugged her back.

Parents for a long time now have preferred keeping things like Valentine’s Day a hush-hush matter like it’s something bad. I think it’s time we took responsibility and show them the bright side of things instead. Have you talked to your child yet?


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