Mum, you are a wonderful Iron Lady

Mum, you are a wonderful Iron Lady

My little one hugged me tight as soon as she got down from the school bus. I was showered with kisses and hugs and every possible gesture to show immense affection.

The place was bustling with noise as the mothers who picked their children from the same stand were around. They were busy questioning their kids about tiffin boxes and the class tests. Few were panicking about the craft work that had to be submitted the other day. Amidst this conglomeration of thoughts, the term ‘Iron Lady’ was haunting me.

Has something about Margaret Thatcher – the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom or our first women Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi was being taught to the kids today? These are the two “Iron Ladies” I have always known, after all.

I gripped her hand firmly and started heading towards home with a friend from an apartment nearby. We were busy catching up and the kids, Rhea and Arnav, were engrossed in their talks.

Finally, I unlocked my door, placed the school bag and the water bottle in the living room, hugged my princess and asked her “What is this story about the ‘Iron Lady’ dear?”

To that, she replied, “Today my teacher made all the girls, whose uniforms were not ironed properly, wait after the assembly. A note has also been given to their parents regarding it, but my uniform was ironed perfectly.” She declared soaring with pride, “You are my iron lady”, a laundress she meant. This made me giggle with joy.

We do not even notice, but little things do make a huge difference in the kid’s world. Be attentive with their uniforms, appearance, school bags and the way you pack the tiffins. The list is endless. Whenever your little champs get appreciation from teachers and peers, their confidence soars. presentation does matter and attention to detail goes a long way!

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