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Memory games for kids – Increase the memory power of your kids

The education of kids is a formative part of their growth and development, and the right education is extremely necessary to allow them to face the world intelligently and fearlessly when they grow up. One of the aspects of child development is the formation, development, and application of memory power.

A good memory is important in life. Kids with a keen memory will remember to pick up or ask back their books, money, homework, locker keys etc. from other kids who may have borrowed these items from them. A sharp memory will teach your kids to be in charge of themselves and their surroundings.

If you want to start training your children to improve their memory,

here is a list of memory games that may come in handy:

  1. I Spy: This is one of the most popular games that you can play with kids at almost any time, with no extra equipment. It helps build recognition skills, awareness of the world, and recognize concepts like colors and shapes. It can be played between two or more people. Each round has a “spy” who selects an object from around them, and says the words ‘I spy with my little eye… something blue!’ or ‘something round!’ or a similar trait. The others have to look around and guess the object that the spy is talking about. This is a great way to pass the time while also teaching your kids a number of different concepts.
  2. Pass the list around: This game is extremely simple and does not even require a pen and paper to play. A group of kids must sit in a close circle.  A theme must be chosen – for example, “Animals” or “Colours” or “Toys”. Once chosen, a designated first player must say an item that fits in with the theme – for example, in respective order, “Dog”, “Red” and “Bat”. Then, the next player in the circle will come up with their own item, in addition to the previous item. The player next to that player will add their item to the growing list, and so on. Anyone who forgets or lists the items in the wrong order will be disqualified.  The player standing last is the winner of the game.
  3. Object List: In this game, the moderator must arrange assorted objects on a plate/surface (example: nail-cutter, keychain, mouthwash) All the participants of the game will be shown this surface for 1 or 2 minutes, and then the surface is covered with a cloth (or players are blindfolded).

Now the players must be able to either say or write down the objects that they looked at a few minutes ago. Whoever gets the most objects down right is the winner of the game.

  1. The re-arrangement game:   The re-arrangement concept can be applied in any setting – the core concept is that you show a player a certain tableau that typically consists of small items making up a bigger picture. Then, you jumble up the tableau is subtle ways – Example, the tableau could be the living room of a house. Now, you change it by moving a thing here, inverting a shape there, changing the colour of a tablecloth or say, adding a clock on the wall.

The players are shown the changed tableau, and whichever player lists down the most changes correctly is the winner.

Games are the most fun, easy, and interactive ways to mingle with kids and teach them valuable life skills along the way. Memory power plays a big role in the future development and learning of your kids. OckyPocky has interactive revision exercises that help build these skills in your kids. As parents, you are guaranteed to have loads of fun with your kids playing these games with them, and it promises to be a joyous, educational, and incredible experience for your kids.

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  • Rosy
    Posted at 10:44h, 06 April Reply

    Wow – amazing ideas. Thanks for sharing!
    Will try today with my 5 year old 🙂

  • Arti
    Posted at 09:33h, 22 April Reply

    Good ideas , I really like your blog.

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