Little artists of tomorrow presenting the winners of drawing competition blog

Little artists of tomorrow: presenting the winners of drawing competition!

“There is an artist in every child” – Pablo Picasso

Art brings out the best in your child as they reflect and invent new ways to present their world to you. To celebrate art and the artist in your little one, OckyPocky and Apollo Clinic, Faridabad organized a drawing competition for them to show us how they see the world, with their strokes of creativity.

On March 17th, 2018, the hallways of the clinic was teeming up budding artists who filled the atmosphere with vibrant colors, accompanied by giggles and laughter!

The task in their little hands was to “draw anything” and we were totally WOWed by their genius strokes that transformed blank pieces of paper into beautiful stories, crafted by crayons.



When it came to picking winners, it wasn’t an easy task, but winners had to be crowned!

TADA! Here we go :

Jeevika Kapoor

Hridaan Arora

Snow Taneja

Ayaan bhatia

Kirpn Kaur

Jaskaran Singh

And Parineeti

A generous thank you to parents who came to cheer for their little ones. Please stay tuned to our social media pages for more such events to delight and bring the best out of your kids!

Please note: our team will contact you this week to share the prizes!



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