Is Your Kid Missing Out On The Magic Of Rubik’s Cube?

Is Rubik’s cube just a toy for your child?

Remember when we were young and would get excited about getting just one side of the cube right? Getting all the colours of the cube right was a different story altogether! 

Why is it still so hard for some and so easy for others? 

What special powers does the Rubik’s cube hold?

We have the answers. Let’s talk about the top 5

Power no.1 – Memory Booster

Solving the cube requires one to remember the right combinations and steps. Your kid has to recall this from his/her memory and follow correctly.  With this algorithmic cognitive flow, their hand-eye coordination also improves greatly. 

Power no. 2: Hyperfocus

The cube requires all your kid’s focus. The more they attempt to solve, the stronger their concentration and attention will be in the future. 

Power no. 3: Spatial Intelligence 

Your child will understand which coloured shapes go hand-in-hand and improve organisation skills greatly.

Power no. 4: Increases perception

Children have to understand the problem as a whole. The Rubik’s cube increases their perception of how to look at it from different angles. One cannot have a tunnel vision to crack the cube! 

Power no. 5: Patience builder

Imagine your child sitting patiently for a really long time without throwing a tantrum or asking for your phone? Rubik’s cube teaches patience and don’t we all need more patience in 2020?

Do you want your kid to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube and grasp its powers?

We have LIVE classes for kids aged 2-12 on how to strategically solve the Rubik’s cube. 

Our experts are highly interactive and you will see remarkable changes in your child. 

In just a few days, your kid will develop the powers shared by the cube. 

Don’t miss out! 

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