Inspirational Bollywood Moms Who are Giving Us Major Parenting Goals

Not very long ago, a Twitter post went viral instantly because celebrity mom, Aishwarya Rai, had her daughter Aaradhya accompanying mom everywhere she went. The fan seemed concerned with the fact that Aaradhya was missing out on school time, which was not “Okay”. Many even came back with retorts which pointed out that Aishwarya was an overprotective mom. But, if you think about it, aren’t the majority of moms overprotective of their child?

It’s so easy for onlookers to point fingers at celebrities and give them advice on how to raise their kids. The point being missed here is that celebrity moms are as human as us and they too love their kids and dote on them, in different ways. Furthermore, they have a rigid routine which keeps them from seeing their kids more often. Hence, if you see a lot of them vacationing with their kids many times a year, please do not consider it a sin.

Every mother knows the struggles of balancing work and family and celebrity moms are also doing the same. Speaking of which here is a list of inspiring celebrity moms, who have followed their careers and cared for their kids at the same. Let’s take a sneak peek at who these celebrities are.


Rani Mukherjee

Img Credit: Indian Express



She was first seen as the adorable teen in “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” after which her journey as an actor took flight and she got into many challenging roles like ‘Hichki’ and ‘Mardani’. She married Indian filmmaker Aditya Chopra in 2014, whom she was friends with for a very long time. She gave birth to daughter Adira on December 9, 2015, to whom she is a doting mom. This is the reason why Rani likes to keep Adira away from the media. In Rani’s own words, on Adira’s birthday, she quoted,

“ I have changed. Again for the better, I guess. I hope I can bring up Adira beautifully; without any fears- brave, wise, clever, disciplined, well mannered. I want everyone to be proud of her. Even if nobody is, I will be proud of her. Encourage her to follow her heart.  Not get bullied ever. Not be pressurized for anything in life. Be carefree always. Happy and smiling, laughing wholeheartedly. Her smile reaching my eyes.”


Kareena Kapoor


Image credit: NDTV

When Kareena was pregnant with Taimur, she proudly celebrated every day as a mom-to-be and owned her pregnancy in style. Speculations were doing the round that her career was over but she set the record straight by saying-

“I’m pregnant, not a corpse. And what maternity break? It’s the most normal thing on earth to produce a child. It is high time the media back off, and stop treating me any different than I ever was. Anybody who is bothered shouldn’t work with me… but my work goes on as is, like always. Stop making it a national casualty.”.

She terms motherhood as a rewarding experience and that like many others she too suffers from guilt for having to leave her little boy while she’s working. The actress believes that mothers are the first source of inspiration for kids and it is very important to set a good, positive example for them.  


Aishwarya Rai


Indian Express

From bagging the crown for Miss World in the year 1994 to embracing motherhood in 2018, Aishwarya has done it all with grace. At an age, considered to be risky for pregnancy, Aishwarya conceived Aaradhya and opted for a normal delivery where others would prefer a C-section. Her post-pregnancy weight gain attracted a lot of body shaming but she never paid any attention to them saying, “I was able to handle it because I have faced judgement in my life for so long.” Aishwarya has a lot going on in her life, but that has never come in her way of spending time with her daughter. When questioned about parenting she said,-

“People ask me if it’s hard work. Parenting is, but something just clicks, it becomes a part of you. You don’t ever feel the onus of it at any point in time. It’s not pressured, there is no rule book, every day is new.”


Shilpa Shetty


Image credit: Times Now

Shilpa Shetty is everything from a wonderful actor, a great yoga enthusiast, a judge on the upcoming children’s dance reality show “India’s Super Dancer”, and a great mother to her son Viaan. According to her, her experience as a mother has changed her outlook towards children. She also adds-

“You know I’ve always believed that there is no such thing as unconditional love, but the only place that you find it is between a mother and child. Because a mother can do anything for her child,” states Shilpa. “When you have your own baby and you’ve had it in your stomach for nine months and gone through the whole gamut of emotions over there, it’s just unconditional love after that.”

Genelia D’Souza

Image credit: Filmi Beat

Happily married and blessed with two sons Riaan and Rahyl, Genelia D’Souza makes for a cheerful mom. She says that motherhood has not changed her at all. When she was asked about her advice for new mothers, she said that no mom required tips because there’s so much advice given by everyone around, some of which are unwanted as well. Her advice for new moms was to enjoy their babies. She also added that she loved experiencing every moment with her babies and was sure that each mom feels that way. No matter how much one has been told by others, it was their own experience that mattered.

Lisa Haydon


Image credit: Lisa Haydon

This lady is just the right combination of a camera-friendly professional and a doting mom. Lisa likes caring for her son Zack on her own rather than depend on a nanny. For Lisa, her pregnancy period was like a long vacation.  She actually glided through her pregnancy without any doubts or fears because motherhood had always been a lifelong dream. She even filmed in a web series until she was five months pregnant. She pumped to get back to work as soon as possible, but not from the fear of a career lapse. She also adds-

“In India, if you get married, let alone have a baby, it’s assumed you’re not that interested in work. Lisa ‘settled down’, they’ll say. What a labelling, binding term. Nothing could be further from the truth. We no longer live in a world where you need to choose one or the other, and I’m not going to allow myself to be pushed to choose.”

So, here we are with 6 of the inspirational Bollywood moms, keeping it as real as mothers are. Bollywood has kept us motivated in every respect for so long, and these are only giving us major goals and telling us that motherhood is a beautiful journey and we should enjoy every moment of it.

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