Hurray! Diwali Shabdonwali contest winners revealed

Diwali is about light and sparks. So are we! We are all about sparking and lighting up your little one’s mind with the magic of new words. Weeks leading up to the grand festival of lights, Diwali. We started something challenging and illuminating for our users who also happen to be word-hungry kids.  We kick-started a challenge “Diwali Shadbowali Contest” to capture the love of new words from kids all over the country.

The task was to learn new words every day,  earn points and redeem the points to win grand rewards such as a Xiaomi phone, Amazon Kindle, vouchers and so much more!  Hundreds of kids took the challenge and we had a blast looking at a very soaring scoreboard.

The jury is now out and tada!

The winners are…………

 Aatmik Jain, Bhopal

Prize won: Phone

 Manvay, Delhi

Prize won: Phone

Agraj, Vijayawada

Prize won: Phone

Vinay , Rajasthan









Prize won: Phone + Amazon Voucher

 Shivansh, Uttarakhand

Prize won: Stationery hamper + Magnets + Stickers

Aarohi, Madhya Pradesh

Prize won: Stationery hamper + Magnets + Stickers

Sameer, Maharashtra

Prize won: Amazon Voucher + Magnets + Stickers

Maanvi, Rajasthan

Prize won: Stationery + Magnets + Stickers

Alina, Nagpur

Prize won: Stationery hamper + Magnets + Stickers

Ansh, Rae Bareli

Prize won: Magnets 

 Yashveer, Gorakhpur

Prize won: Stickers

Fahham Khan, Gujarat

Prize won: Stickers

Pratyush Kushwaha, Faizabad

Prize won: Stickers

Mansi, Solapur

Prize won: Stickers



Here’s the entire list of winners

Name Region Prizes
Aatmik Madhya Pradesh Phone
Maanvi Rajasthan Stationary + Magnets + Stickers
Agraj Andhra Pradesh Phone
Manvay Delhi- NCR Phone
Sameer Maharashtra Amazon Voucher + Magnets + Stickers
Vinay Gujarat Phone + Amazon Voucher
Nazrana Assam Stationery hamper + Magnets + Stickers
Aakash Telangana Stationery hamper
Alina Maharashtra Stationery hamper + Magnets + Stickers
Rishab Bihar Stationery hamper
Shreyash Maharashtra Stationery hamper + Magnets + Stickers
Punam Bihar Stationery hamper + Magnets + Stickers
Kalash Uttar Pradesh Magnets + Stickers
Hrutvi Maharashtra Magnets + Stickers
Aarohi Madhya Pradesh Stationery hamper + Magnets + Stickers
Ansh Uttar Pradesh Magnets (no WA)
Yashveer Uttar Pradesh Stickers
Sania Madhya Pradesh Stickers
Kritika Madhya Pradesh Stickers
Fahham Uttar Pradesh Stickers
Himank Rajasthan Stickers
Jatin Delhi- NCR Stickers
Shivansh Delhi- NCR Stationery hamper + Magnets + Stickers
Pratyush Uttar Pradesh Stickers
Mansi Maharashtra Stickers
JANANI Tamil Nadu Stickers
Riddhi Delhi- NCR Stickers
Vihu Delhi- NCR Stickers
Krishna Maharashtra Stickers
Ayush Uttar Pradesh Stickers



Congratulations to all winners and a huge hug to every kiddo who enthusiastically participated.

This November, we are celebrating not just Children’s day but Children’s month with more interesting learning challenges. Watch this space.

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