How to Stop Getting Bullied at an Early Stage

A few months ago, on a late morning, I was busy cleaning the kitchen counter after having sent the kids to school when I got a call. On the other end of the line was the school’s nurse calling from the Medical Room, asking me to rush to the premises. To my utter shock, some unknown student had pushed my 4-year-old girl, during the break, and left her bleeding in the skating rink. 

This was the case of child bullying. I find it difficult to come to terms with the incident because it not only left my girl scarred but it managed to get me scared to my wits for life. Even if nothing has happened to my children since I hear cases from other parents of how their children are cornered out by a certain group, teased or body shamed or called names at times. This is a serious issue that demands attention from all sides. Bullying has the capacity to impede a child’s personality development and impressions made at a tender age can lead to a huge difference in the future. I remember how the incident had left my child vulnerable and helpless for weeks altogether. To ignore child bullying in the name of young and wild behavior of children is an approach that needs to be challenged. 

To fight the problems, here’s how to stop getting bullied at an early age

Watch for Signs

As a parent, you need to pay attention to small details and minor changes before they can take the shape of a serious mental and health issue. In most cases, parents are often the last to find out about their child suffering from bullying, mainly because they are unable to register the signs displayed in their ward’s behavior. For example, if the child repeatedly complains of stomach aches or shows reluctance to go to school, then they are probably raising red flags which cannot be ignored

Sensitize the Kids

As much as it is important to spread awareness about the ills of child bullying and being alert towards unusual behavioral patterns, sensitizing the child towards such issues also plays a significant role. They must be able to differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy relationship and a way of treating others. The development of empathy in an individual is a pivotal point in their upbringing.

Stand Against Bullies

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Once you realize that your child is suffering bullying, you must stand against it and start the first steps to stop getting bullied. Fighting it and revolting against it is a crucial step that can potentially act as an example for the others to not support such actions. This will also lead to making the bullies understand that their actions will have repercussions. 

Teach your Child to Defend Themselves

It is practically impossible for the parent or guardian to be omnipresent. In situations like these, a child must not feel helpless and suffer silently. Teaching them basic defense techniques can be the starting step. More importantly, they must be taught to report such occurrences to the teacher in charge. This is not a form of “ratting out” but a protective and preventive measure, which is also a difference that should be instilled. 

Suffice to say, not only is it important to make the child aware of the various kinds of situations in which they could possibly be getting bullied but it is equally essential to introduce this issue of child bullying amongst them. A healthy discussion and engagement with such issues can help in sensitizing the child toward social ills like these. They need to be instilled with the difference between good and bad, healthy and unhealthy friendship and behavior. A parent should always have the child in confidence that they will be heard and acted upon, it is only then that their ward will feel comfortable in sharing such problems. A survey conducted by the Times of India reveals that 42 percent of children are bullied at schools in India. This is a rather reproachful reality that has to be changed before your child, like many others, ends up on the suffering end. 



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