How to Make Your Toddler Learn English

It may appear that it is simpler to teach languages to children while they are younger, whether through a simple conversation or the introduction of a new toy that only speaks the target language. There’s a lot more you can do to help and encourage older children to learn languages than just practicing verb endings with them or helping them with schoolwork.

Here, we will look at ways you may assist your toddler in learning English in a fun, low-stress way.

Make them sing along

Keep them engaged with the words as you sing it for them. Try to sing the rhymes so that they can understand what you want them to understand.

Do simple tasks in English and utilize English for simple tasks.

Make them speak small words. Mumma and Dadda can be the initial words, but after that, they need to explore the world. Make them watch cartoons so that they understand the language. You can also make them watch videos of kids dancing and singing to make them comprehend it better.

Do not correct them but let them learn

Make sure that wherever your child speaks anything wrong, you just do not have to correct him then and there. You need to give him time so that he can learn. Also, keep this in mind that getting angry is not the solution.

Play word games

The best way can be you can write words on the wall and stick them all around the house. Just name a word and tell him to look for the same and bring that piece of paper to you.


All you need to do is to follow these tips, and you can enjoy raising a toddler who is confident in what he speaks. This will not only make his language better but will also make him crib for new things to learn. If looking for some guidance, contact experts at OckyPocky.



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