How to keep your kid safe from smog

“Nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, smoke, ozone”

are what your kid is breathing in with every single breath!

That’s right, if your kid is in Delhi-NCR, they are enveloped in a dense smog catastrophy.

How we wish we had the power to make the air cleaner! Sadly, there is no escape. However, you can control it and protect your kid with our easy tips:

1. Wear a mask. But not just any mask!

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N95, N99, are the best in the market and approved by health experts. Do make sure that they fit comfortably well at first on your kid. With movement, the mask may shift around a bit and leave passageways! At intervals, please keep a check for any open passageway that might let toxic air in.

 2. Eyes need shield too

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Air pollution damages your kid’s lungs and attacks their eyes too. This is widely ignored by many and consequently, kids become victims of dry eyes and a host of other eye allergies! Cover them with sunglasses that will block toxins from reaching their twinkling eyes. 

3. Guard your home with purifiers

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Yes, air purifiers are a bit expensive but come with great protection.  Undoubtedly this will surely save tonnes of money from future doctor visits resulting from breathing pains!

4. Vitamin C  to save the day!

Citrus fruits (oranges, Kiwi, lemon, guava, grapefruit) and dark green vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and capsicums)  are powerhouses of Vitamin C. They will wash away toxins from your kid’s body and provide immunity.  In case your kid is a picky eater, work around recipes that enhance their taste to their likeness. Don’t forget to stock up your fridge today! 

5. Jaggery – the sweet soldier!

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Jaggery deserves a special mention!  Replace all sugar intake of your kid with jaggery as it is known to weed out pollutants from your kid’s lungs. Make sure the jaggery is dark-colored and doesn’t have a yellow hue.

6. Bring in the plant army 

Plants are your kid’s best friend, literally, in this season of smog! Make room for plants such as aloe vera, spider plant & bamboo palm. They are always on the environment- cleansing duty and trap toxins.  Plus the green glamour it will add to your home is priceless! 

7.  Doc to the rescue

child specialist doctor

If you observe prolonged cough, wheezing, asthma attacks,  eye-irritation in your kid, rush to the doctor immediately. Your kid may have to follow through the prescribed medication to ease their pain. 

We’d love to hear more tips from you parents like you. This will help in a long way to save lakhs of kids from the smog monster. Please share your tips in the comments below.





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