How to grow your child’s creativity with Madhubani art?

Is your child familiar with one of India’s oldest art forms? 

Madhubani art has a rich legacy tracing back to thousands of years and loved worldwide! 

The art form beautifully captures all the values and customs that we live by. 

Your kid can draw it easily with the use of Fingers, Twigs, Brushes and even matchsticks!  


Why should your kid learn Madhubani Art early?

It will not just help them appreciate our traditions, but also: 

  • Spark your kid’s imagination! 

There’s no limit to your child’s creativity. Let their imagination reach stars with rich colouring concepts from animals to trees – everything blooming in nature!

  • Boost color awareness

Using different colours will give your child an opportunity to explore and play with combinations. They’ll also recognise lesser-known colours as they play with each object – Madhubani style 

  • Build motor skills

Madhubani art focuses on the specialized movement of the hands, wrists and fingers to refine motor skills of your little one. You’ll be able to see a significant improvement as they progress with each drawing. 

  • Power visual analysis

The rich art form provides the perfect opportunity for your child to learn shapes, sizes and other concepts in a focused way. These are essential skills that need attention during the early childhood years. 

  •  Strengthen Hand-Eye Coordination

In addition to improving fine motor skills, the art helps your child to grasp connections between seeing and doing and facilitates adaptive eye-tracking movements. 


Want your kid to get a headstart early?

We have special live classes to teach your kid. 

OckyPocky’s fun Madhubani art classes are designed to boost confidence in your kids. As they seize each class with a burst of colours, it will help them develop a sense of achievement and confidence that will stay with them forever. 

Learn the art form live with interactive classes. 

We are now filling up seats for ages 2-12. 

Limited seats, enrol your kid now:

Here’s some artwork created by our students







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