How To Celebrate Bihu With Your Kids 

With a new year approaches new seasons and old festivals that bring cheer and a sense of oneness among family and friends. One such Indian festival, Bihu, is an important festival of Assam that is celebrated in three parts throughout the year. Bhogali or Magh Bihu is the first one to be celebrated in a year in the month of January and is considered the end of the harvest season. Next comes the Rongali or Bohag Bihu during the month of April, which is considered the Assamese New Year and last but not the least, Kangali or Kati Bihu is celebrated in the month of October to observe the harvest season.

During all the festivities grown-ups are usually tied up with offering prayers, cooking delicacies as well as meeting and greeting family and friends. However, in all this humdrum, the young ones are often left to play with other kids or roam about with parents, not having a clue about the importance of the celebrations.

There is so much that a child can learn about the traditions and culture of an Indian festival and with a new year its time that parents took a step forward and get their kids more involved. If you are baffled about how to do so, here are some tips that can help you celebrate Bihu with your kids. Let’s take a look.

Host a Themed Fancy dress Show: 

Bihu is a great time to tell your children about the diverse cultures and traditions of Assam. The best way to make them understand better is by hosting a themed fancy dress show where children are costumed as people coming from different ethnic tribes of Assam like the Bodos, the Kacharis, Sonowals, Dimasa and Hajongs to name a few. You can even research a few dance steps of each ethnic group and teach them to your kids to perform on the day of the performance. 

Bihu themed Colouring books:

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Another great way to introduce the Assamese culture to your kids is by presenting them with a self-printed colouring book that illustrates celebrations of Bihu among different ethnic groups in Assam. The book could also contain pictures of people dressed in their own traditional attire. This also is a great way to expand your child’s knowledge about the diversified cultures in the state of Assam.

Dance Competition:

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Any celebration is incomplete without some music and dance. So, go ahead and invite all the kids in your family and in the neighborhood to a friendly dance competition. Not only will the kids enjoy performing but they will also grow a stronger bond and create cheerful memories to share as they grow up. All families can be a part of this joyous celebration by sitting around the stage and cheering for the little contestants.

Teach them an Assamese Folk song:

The tune of music flowing from traditional instruments accompanied with some melodious Assamese folk songs make the Bihu festival a complete celebration. This Bihu, get involved with your little one and teach them an easy version of a folk song close to your heart. Since children have an active mind, they will catch up with you in little time. 

Cook traditional sweets:

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Along with music, songs, and dance Bihu alike all other Indian festivals calls for the preparation of traditional sweets and Peethas. In fact, these delicacies are recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. While it is not safe to let your child around a fire or sharp objects, you can still get them involved towards the end by asking them to help you roll a coconut ladoo or wrapping sugar into a rice roll.

DIY Bihu Greeting Cards:

Before Bihu is here, sit down with your children and get all art and crafts supplies ready so that you can create a handmade greeting card with them for all their friends and family members. Though it’s not part of the old-age tradition, yet it will show the love and care that you have for your near and dear ones on this special day of the year. 

So, these were some activities that you can enjoy with your kids while they also learn about the significance of the Bihu festival. Your child deserves an abundance of knowledge and happiness as he/she grows. Why not start now with a new year ahead.

OckyPocky wishes all of you a Happy Bihu. Do join us in Bihu celebrations on the app as we teach your kid everything about the festival. 

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