5 Ways to Celebrate Republic Day With Your Kid

It’s the year 2020 and on the 26th of January, it will be 70 years since the Indian Constitution came into effect. As a generation brought up by grandparents from the British era, we understand the importance of this milestone in the history of India. However, the question is, will our children feel as patriotic and enthusiastic about this day as we are today? Believe it or not, children are losing their emotions in the fast-paced world today. Hence, being a noteworthy day as it is, parents must make it a point to pass on the relevance of India’s Republic Day to their kids so that the legacy can be further passed on to future generations as well.

Parents must understand that children learn more from what they see rather than hear. This is why it is essential that they make this day’s celebration a memorable one for their kids. Different parents have their own ways to make Republic Day fun for their kids. However, if you are still at your wit’s end, coming up with ideas, here are a few that will help you celebrate a super Republic Day with your kids.

1.Tell your Child a Patriotic Story


Story sessions are the best and children all over the world love this time that they spend with their elders. Why do you think your children are so attached to their grandparents? On this Republic Day, pick a good story about one of the nation’s bravest fighters and read it out to your little one. Add some drama to your tone or act out some parts to make the session more interesting. Your child will cherish this memory for years to come.

2.Watch a Live Telecast of the Parade


The Republic Day parade is the most beautiful display of the country’s diverse culture. It also imbibes patriotism and bravery in the hearts of everyone who witnesses it. Your child needs to learn early in life about his/her country as well as the importance of every citizen living in it. The bravery awards that are bestowed upon the children on that day is a good example for them to learn about humility and kindness through you.

3.Hoist the National Flag Together


Flag hoisting is one of the most important events on Republic Day. If you live in a society or even at home, ensure that your kid is a part of this ceremony. It is a good opportunity for you to teach your kid about the importance of the national flag and the meaning of the national anthem as well.

4.Throw a Costume Party


Add some fun to the celebrations of the Republic Day by hosting a themed costume party in your home for your kids and their friends. Children love dressing up and this is also a good opportunity for them to mingle around with other children of their age. Try not to make the event competitive. Pool in together with parents involved and arrange participation gifts for every child.

5.Host a Friendly Kite-flying Competition


Kite-flying is another way that you can bond and make memories with your kids on Republic Day. If possible sit down with your kids and build a   kite with them. While you do so, you can talk to your kids and explain to them the meaning of every colour in the kite. Learning mixed with some fun is always a good experience.

History is slipping off the hands of the coming generations and it is time that parents start taking the initiative to uphold the country’s heritage and honour. Our children must learn from us to respect every citizen in the country irrespective of colour, caste, and creed. Republic Day is the right time to impart this knowledge to young minds. So, go on, make this day a memorable one which your kids can later share with children of their own in the future.

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