Holi Crafts and Ideas for Preschool Kids

It’s almost that time of the year when colors will be seen splashing everywhere and no one would mind because it’s Holi. The festival is one of the most awaited one in India because it’s fun, especially for young kids, who run amok!

Holi for Kids

While the festival only lasts during the day, it does not have to just end there for your kids. There are many other ways to keep the festivities going. So, here are some Holi crafts and ideas for pre-school kids that can make this day a more memorable one for them and something that they will look forward to every year.

Holi Greeting Cards

kid drawing
Creating greeting cards on Holi can be a great way to wish your friends and family. So, before Holi starts, get your craft items and water colours ready so that you can create some beautiful masterpieces with your kids. You can splash the paper with colours or let your child paint anything related to the festival of colors on it. Make it a fun project and let them free their minds. Your children are going to enjoy every moment of it and your friends and family will be in for a beautiful surprise.

Hand Print T-shirts

kid with colors in hand

This Holi, make it a family affair by getting white T-shirts for everyone at home and putting hand imprints of everyone on each of these shirts. For doing this you will need some fabric paints, transferred onto a plate so that the kids can easily dip their hands into it. Just make sure that you place a piece of paper between the front side and back of the t-shirt so that the paint does not transfer through. Once done, let the t-shirts dry so that they can be readied to wear on Holi. You can also try other Holi inspired ideas to paint on shirts.

Make Holi Treats with the Kids

sweets for holi
Treats are a part of every occasion and the festival of Holi is no exception. So, on this day doing this at home with the kids is a great idea. Children love sweets and they love preparing these treats even more. You could prepare dry sweets which are not to complicated to make so that the kids can help with simple tasks. These treats can be anything from baked goods to traditional Indian sweets. It’s all about all the fun you have with your kids making these treats.

Make a Rangoli

Since it is the season of colours, why not design some rangoli with all the colours that you have. These rangoli designs can be permanent since children do not want what they created to be gone too soon. Furthermore, it would be a great reminder for them, whenever they look at it, of how much they cherished the days doing all the painting.

Make Homemade Holi Colours


We cannot always trust store-bought Holi colours and that is why making them at home is a good idea. Since Holi colours can get anywhere when children play with them, it needs to be safe. You can craft your own Holi colours using rice flour, food colouring, and water. Just blend them all together and use it when Holi arrives. You can also mix besan with turmeric to get the yellow tinge. Beetroot is also a great source of natural colour for this day.

Make a Splash Paint and Frame it

painting with colors

Get artsy with your kids by splashing paints on some chart paper. You can also fill in some balloons with colour and throw them on a standing canvas. Just keep the floor covered and don’t be bothered about getting some paint on yourself and the kids. When it’s all done, you and your kids can sign your names on it and get the work of art framed. All the giggles and fun will be a worth memory in all the years to come.
Holi is an amazing time to get the festivity spirit going and be creative with ideas that your kids will enjoy. These cool crafts ideas mentioned above will not only encourage their thinking process but will also keep them engaged and happy for hours. OckyPocky wishes you a super Holi, stay colorful!

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