Harmless April Fool’s Day Pranks to Play on your 3-5-year-Olds

April fools is a day when all pranks and jokes are taken light-heartedly. It’s a time when you get to play around with friends and family, fooling them for fun’s sake in the most harmless manner. While grown-ups have their own criteria of fun pranks, the same cannot be used on children as they wouldn’t understand it or might hurt their sentiments in a great way.

Hence, if you have young kids at home, between the ages of 3-5 years, here are some fun and harmless pranks that you can play on them on this April Fools day and share lots of laughter on the way.


  • Treat them to a veggie chocolate cake pop:

Lace small veggies like onions, baby cabbages, or pieces of carrots with liquid chocolate and leave the surface to harden. Present them to your kids like cake pop and wait for the moment when to their surprise they bite into their veggies.

  • Invisibility Prank:

This prank has been doing a good round of the internet and it is one of the best and harmless pranks you can try on your 3-5-year-old on April Fools day. You just need your family’s cooperation to pull off the prank. The key of the prank is to wake up in the morning and pretend that your child is invisible and you cannot find them anywhere even when your child is close to you. 

  • Freeze your Kids morning cereal:

If your kid likes his/her morning cereals, give them a hard time on this April Fools day but freezing their cereal dipped in milk overnight. Next day your little one will have a tough time trying to get their cereal off the bowl.

  • Paint soap with nail polish:

Paint soap with a coat of transparent nail polish and leave it at the common area’s sink in the kitchen. It will be hilarious to see your kid struggle trying to lather up, without a clue of what you have done.

  • I stole your nose

Children are innocent and they believe everything you do is real. So, if you have a 3-5-year-old at home just place their nose between their fingers and pretend to pull off their nose. Tell them you stole their nose and would only give it back if they did something sweet for you in return.  Your kid will believe you and run around asking you to give their nose back.

  • Replace the cream inside Oreo cookies with Mayo

Almost everyone loves Oreos, but what if you remove the cream and replace it with Mayo instead. To find out what your kid thinks about this new flavour, try the recipe with your kids at home on April Fools Day.

  • Remove the batteries in the TV remote

Kids love television but not anything that comes between them. So, make life a little hard for your kids by removing the batteries from the remote control and see them struggle to try to switch on the TV or change the channels.

Hope you enjoy your April Fools Day with your kids with these harmless and fun pranks. We’d love to hear if you have something interesting that we could add to the list. Leave your pranks in the comments below. 



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