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Hakuna Matata – no worries!


“I am Simba, son of Mufasa, from the Lion King.

My dad taught me about the “circle of life” and the responsibilities of kingship. Dad asked me to look at the stars, which actually are our ancestors and they look down upon us from the sky, to guide us.

I will be brave, fight for my right, fight for the good.”


5-year-old Aaheli had mugged up these lines inspired by the movie “The Lion King”. She portrayed the feelings well, using all gestures and voice modulation techniques.

This movie seemed to win over her completely. She wanted to portray Simba in the school fest.

Now, what did it teach her?

1) It taught her to be brave

2) It taught her to take the path of righteousness

3) It taught her to be respectful towards her parents


Was it that easy to teach these values to her?

Of course not. “The Lion King” taught what it wanted to, so naturally and beautifully.

By quoting it here, I just want to highlight the importance of media, both audio and video for your kids. Even the pictures depicted there can have a lasting effect on them. Animated characters become their hero unconsciously, they do learn behavioural patterns from them.

So the point is, you need to choose wisely, age appropriate, educative, safe stuff and also, limit time. Keep a check on the content your kid is being exposed to. Get involved too, discuss, enjoy, create fun time, hum rhymes, that way the child would feel more connected to you.

I happened to attend a seminar recently at my daughter’s school. One of the parents raised an interesting question and as interesting was the reply. He asked ” teachers talked about devoting at least 40 minutes to each subject, focussed on yoga, meditation and sports as well. “He arithmetically proved that parents just have two hours in hand. “Why so much hue and cry over time?” he asked in a disappointed tone. The child counsellor pleasingly emphasized ” quality time could be one when you go to drop her to school, or a hobby centre, quality time could be your meal time, quality time could be your weekly excursions, the list is endless ” I truly got overwhelmed.

We as working parents need not panic because of the paucity of time. You just need to invest your energy in whatever time you have in hand. With little effort and thoughtfulness, you can help your little one grow and blossom in the most beautiful manner. Good choices, good exposure, do make a difference for a lifetime.

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