Guide To Training Your Child In English Reading Skills

Top Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills in English

Developing skills of reading comprehension is tremendously crucial for early
learners, beginning as early as picture books. Even as school-aged kids become
older, this will aid them in understanding newspapers, textbooks, and other
complicated types of reading skills.

Studies have revealed that reading for pleasure is more crucial to the
development of a child than the education of their parents and that kids who
often read during their childhood gained higher results in their school leaving

Reading throws open the door to a new world of knowledge, diversity, culture,
and adventure. As a useful activity, it helps develop a love for learning and a
natural curiosity. Strong skills in reading set up your child for success later on in

  • By learning words and types of sentences in English, the child will
    improve the basics of language and skills of language association.
  • Reading skills in English enhance the capacity of the child to learn all
    other subjects, not simply reading and language.
  • Reading and hearing stories boost the ability of the child to understand
    relationships of effects and causes and to master concepts of judgement
    and logic.

Many kids are introduced to reading when parents read to them when kids are
too young to read on their own. When the kids grow older, helping them imbibe a
love for reading can be vital for their intellectual & emotional development,
independence, and language skills.

Here are some general tips to help your child to develop reading habits for
mastering all types of reading skills:


As per many studies, setting up a regular schedule for reading with and to your
child can much enhance their abilities of reading skills types in several areas,
including vocabulary skills, learning to understand unfamiliar words, reading
comprehension, and learning to identify familiar words.
Even if your child does not yet know to read, a regular reading schedule will help
her imbibe the importance of reading and appreciate the same when she learns
to read. You can adjust the daily schedule of reading even as your child learns to

You can gradually shift the responsibility of reading at story time to your child so
that she begins to read the stories to you instead of the other way round. Your
child will learn to read without your assistance, with you helping her to handle
tough and unfamiliar words and will appreciate the importance of reading


Parents are the best role models for kids. Your kids are likely to mimic the
behaviour you exhibit. When your kids see you reading to sleep every night, they
are likely to like doing the same. Similarly, when your child observes you reading
for your pleasure, they will understand the joys of reading are for leisure and not
just for learning or work. You can introduce them to both intensive reading
meaning and extensive reading meaning.


In case your child finds reading a boring task, it may not be because she doesn’t
like to read but that the books, she has may not be interesting. The key to
sparking interest in reading in children is to find the right genre and kind of
So, expose your child to a wide array of reading material. If the subject matter in
the latter appeals to the child, the more ready she will be to read it. Young girls
and boys especially like stories of adventure, mysteries, and science fiction. In
case your child has an avid interest in outer space or animals, give them access
to books on such subjects as useful reading techniques. It is good to surround
the child with books in every corner of your home from his or her bedroom to the
living room.


It is not always possible to get a reluctant reader to develop an interest in books.
But there are many other tricks to help them read. There are many other
opportunities and methods of reading than just from books.
Following are some tips for different ways of reading:

  • Ask the child to check up on movie timings when they express a desire to
    go to watch the same.
  • In case your child likes to help you make dinner, ask her to read out the
    recipe from a cookbook.
  • Encourage your child to read e-mails from family, operation hours of
    stores, weather reports, and road signs.

In sum, these are some top tips to master types of reading
comprehension and language skills. These can help your child from mastering
words to learn types of sentences in English. The best part is that there are
online resources to help with the same. Log into for training
your child in reading skills. Make use of their free demo for the same.

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