Congrats! Winners of OckyPocky’s Children’s Month Contest are out

30 days

3+ million words learned by lakhs of kids from all over India.

That’s the power of our OckyPocky’s Children’s Month Contest.

Instead of celebrating just one day as Children’s Day, this time, we celebrated Children’s Month instead.

The challenge was to learn as many words in 30 days and take home grand prizes such as Cycle, talking robot toy,  scooter, stationery hamper, and exclusive OckyPocky merchandise.

We were bowled over by the number of kids learning words EVERY SINGLE DAY!


And we are more than excited to announce the winners of OckyPocky Children’s month contest!

Are you ready?

Tada! Here are our grand prize winners:

Aatmik Jain, son of Aazad Jain, Bhopal

Prize won – Super Cycle

Aaryan Jain, son of Sunali Jain, Bhatinda

Prize won – Super Cycle

Fahham Khan, son of Raziya, Jamnagar

Prize won – Super Cycle

Anira, Daughter of Rajni, Satna

Prize won – Super Cycle

Pari Gurjar, Daughter of Jyoti Gurjar,Sumerpur

Scroll down to find the entire list of our winners

Name Prize Won Parent’s Name Location
Aatmik Jain Super Cycle Aazad Jain Bhopal (M.P.)
Aaryan Jain Super Cycle Sunali Jain Bhatinda
Fahham Khan Super Cycle Raziya Jamnagar, Gujarat
Pari Gurjar Super Cycle Jyoti Gurjar Sumerpur
Anira Super Cycle Rajni Satna (MP.)
Vinay Talking Robot Toy Prem Swami Jodhpur
Kavya Talking Robot Toy Ruby Mumbai
Aryan Talking Robot Toy Anjali Bhopal (M.P.)
Kangana Nandal Scooter Rekha Rohtak
Sandipta Pramanik Tent house Soumen (Brother) West Bengal
Mahenur Scooter Scooter Ahmedabad
Nitin Scooter Bipin Kumar Allahabad
Kiaan Scooter Kinjal Kandivali
Dhairya Scooter Devlal Madhya Pradesh
Jatin Cricket Kit Harender Kumar New Delhi
Ayansh School Bag+ Water Bottle Chandani Sharma Bhopal
Krishna School Bag+ Water Bottle Priyanka Yadav Madhya Pradesh
Aaradhya Stationery Hamper and Magnets Snehal Patil Maharashtra
Nandini Stationery Hamper and Magnets Kabita Bokaro
Yashika Stationery Hamper and Magnets Chand Jind
Kalash Stationery Hamper and Magnets Anuradha Lucknow
Aayansh Raj Stationery Hamper and Magnets Subha Lakshmi New Delhi
Swetha Sutradhar Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Soma Kolkata
Dhruvam Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Alpesh Kumar Jain Rajasthan
Parth Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Dimpy Delhi
Devishtha Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Poornima Bhopal
Sachit Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Pushpa Dharamshala
Mukul Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Preeti Haryana
Noushad Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Rehana Banu Rajasthan
Mantavya Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Kinnari Kartikey Vadodara
Ruhi Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Binay Bokaro
Laiba Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Sahil Ali Howrah
Varsha Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Sunita Malik Chandigarh
Eeshita Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Shivali Faridabad
Tanay Gupta Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Lalit Kumar Shahjahanpur
Gungun Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Jagdev Singh Kurukshetra
Haizal Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Raman Patiala
Chaitanya Negi Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Sonia New Delhi
Divyansh Magnets+Stickers+Jute Bags Neha Madhya Pradesh
Siddharth Cricket kit Vinod Uttarakhand
Shreyash Kamble Cricket Kit Baba Kamble Maharashtra
ansh Cricket Kit Anil Kumar Uttar Pradesh
farhat School Bag+ Water Bottel Md Aarif Hussain Bihar
Manvi meena doll Manju Rajasthan
Mayank Cricket kit Reeta Gujarat

Congratulations to all winners and a huge hug to every kiddo who enthusiastically participated and made November a month to remember!

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