Children Talk Like Jalebis

Children Talk Like Jalebis

One of the cutest advertisements, that left an enormous impact on us was about Dhara Cooking Oil, called “Jalebis”. It featured a cute boy who is angry and returns back home only to have jalebis. His expressions have captivated generations over the past two decades.

Now here is my ‘jalebi’ story, it is the first instance of how my Aaheli learnt to twist things in her favour.

Like most of the kids, my Aaheli too was a bundle of tantrums, especially when it came to eating. For us, hot jalebis and curd, made a scrumptious duo to keep our sweet tooth satisfied. It was a usual Sunday morning. We had stopped at a famous sweet shop nearby to munch on a few jalebis. I offered some to my angel. When she took a bite she gave me a nasty expression and declared that it was bitter.

Jalebis and bitter, makes you wonder, right?

Kids learn the best from their parents. I recalled that many times when she was younger, I stopped her from eating jalebis or any other thing that might be high in sugar, saying that it would taste bitter. Now, when she tried it herself and did not like the taste, she made an excuse and said that it tastes bitter.

Kids tend to get influenced very easily but we cannot forget that with age comes wisdom. They know how to use the things we tell them to their own good. We can’t do much about their cute little knacks other than have a good laugh and get a wonderful story to share with others.

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