9 Ways to Celebrate Christmas with your Kids

“What should we do to make Christmas different this year?” Jillie thought as she sat waiting for the husband, John, to come home. “We always have family dinners every year and the kids love meeting their cousins and play with them.” She further pondered and looked across the room in motherly admiration at her two daughters who were busy with their colouring books. It was them that she wanted Christmas to be special for. But, no matter what she thought of it made no sense about what she could do. Where was John when she needed him?

Are you too facing the same stressful situation like Jillie? Well, don’t stress because there are a lot of ideas that you can implement to make this Christmas special for the family. To help you start, here are some ideas you can start with.

Christmas Ideas for Kids

1.Christmas Trivia:


Who is Santa Claus? Which of Santa’s Reindeer has a red nose? Where does Santa live? Get the children’s Christmas IQ up by asking them fun, quick, and easy questions about Christmas. Children are going to love the challenge and healthy competition making the atmosphere more happy and merry. 

2.Secret Santa Guessing Game:

You must have heard about Secret Santa but there is a twist to this old-age tradition. There are going to be gifts that are real but there will also be boxes with terrible gag gifts. The game is designed for kids to work their way through a number of gift boxes and find the ones that have the actual gifts. Imagine all the laughter and squealing you are going to hear when the kids get in on the fun.

3. Dumb Charades- Christmas Theme:

If the grown-ups like playing dumb charades, the kids are going to love it more if it is Christmas themed. Make your kids some wonderful and funny charade cards and see them through as they act their way into giving their team the answer.

4. Blindfolded Drawing Game:

This is a very interesting game for Christmas. To play this game a child has to be blindfolded and then be given a word like a dragon, flower, Christmas tree and whatever your imagination can cook up which they have to draw without a peek.

5. DIY Christmas Accessories:

Christmas is a time for decorating your home. Why buy them from the stores when you can create nice things at home and that too with some help from your little elves. You can create lovely snowflake hangings, Christmas stars, and even Christmas tree decorations by using some craft supplies, glue, glitter, and other innovative products to make the Christmas party a success.

6. Pick a Christmas Tree Together:

More than decorating a Christmas tree, choosing one with your loved ones is an even more important and memorable affair. So, if you have not yet picked out a Christmas tree this year to place your presents under, it’s time to take your little one along for the adventure and pick a Christmas tree that you will all like.

7. Write a letter to Santa:

Santa is the hero who makes every child’s wish come true when Christmas arrives. Why not join in on the fun of writing to Santa with your little one this Christmas and make it more special by decorating the letter with glitters and stars. Santa is going to love it as much as your child will too.

8. Get your Kids to Help in Decorating the House:

You might not believe it but your kids have a vaster imagination than yours which can greatly help you in preparing for Christmas decorations. So, as you get ready to decorate your homes with some streamers, balloons, or confetti, allow your little one’s opinion in and you might just be surprised at how innovative they can be. You can even spare them a special corner of the house to decorate to give them space for creativity.


9. Visit Orphanages or Homeless Shelters:

Among all things your child should know that Christmas is not just about decorating the house or the Christmas tree and neither is it just about receiving and giving expensive gifts. Teach your child the true meaning of Christmas by volunteering into your services at orphanages or homeless shelters, in the process teaching them that happiness is the greatest gift one can give humankind.

In the spirit of the season, we are also teaching your kid everything about Christmas in the most interactive way. Do join us!

So, these are some of the fun ways you can bring fun into your Christmas celebrations this year. What clicked most with you? Let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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