7 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year’s With Your Kid

When you have young kids, spontaneous New Year celebration ideas are out of the question. However, this does not mean that you cannot have fun. In fact, with kids in the picture, the celebrations can actually get more interesting. You should know that there will be more laughter and cheer around every corner of the house and so much more you can do that you might have missed out on. 

So, if you’re wondering what you can do to make New Year’s fun here is what you can cook up for the last day of the old year to welcome new days ahead.

Fun Activities for New Year


1. Pyjama Dance Party


Get the New year started with a Pyjama dance party by gathering all your friends and family for a countdown. To make the party a success, put together a playlist of your favourite songs of the year and put on your most comfortable and fashionable pair of pyjamas so that you can dance freely until you’re out of breath. Make the occasion worthwhile by capturing a lot of pictures throughout the night. 

2.DIY/Craft Party

Welcome the New Year in a creative and innovative way by hosting a DIY/ Crafts party for your kids and their friends. This will give them the opportunity to bond and come up with creative ideas like making a season greeting card, streamers, posters, and more.

3.New Year’s Resolution shakes

The New Year is a milestone for making resolutions for the coming days. So, this time instead of jotting down in a diary what you aim to achieve in the coming year, make small notes and paste them on milkshake mugs or bottles and pass them around to kids and grown-ups alike. You can also get them customized as per a person’s liking or just add positive affirmations to cheer them up.

4. Game Night

Any party is incomplete without some fun and games. So, while the grown-ups have their own version, make some up for the kids too so that they do not get bored and sleepy while they wait for the clock to strike twelve. The games can be anything from hitting a pinata to bowling and a New Year themed Bingo game to name a few.

5. DIY Confetti Kits

You must have surely noticed how confetti is blown in the air to welcome the new year at big parties. You can make it happen for your kids too with just some simple DIY that involves scissors and colourful paper and some storage cups. The DIY only requires you to cut out small shreds of colourful paper, mix them up, and then store them in storage cups to be used when midnight arrives. Since cutting is involved in this DIY it is important that an adult always remains near the child to supervise them and prevent any accidents from happening. 

6.Blanket Movie Fort

If you thought a movie marathon was amazing while you snuggled up with your little ones on the sofa then imagine how much more adventurous it would feel for your kids to do the same inside a fortress of blankets and bedsheets. The atmosphere would be much cozier and you can kick the excitement up a notch by creating a passcode for anyone who wishes to enter. 

7. Balloon Drop

Have you noticed how in malls big bunches of balloons are released from the ceiling to mark a special occasion and you wished you could do the same? Well, if you did then you should know that it is not that hard and you can create one right in your home to mark the New Year in a special way for your kids. All that you need to do is blow up some balloons, place them on a large spread of clothing like a bedspread and tie the ends with threads that could help them stay attached to the ceiling. As soon as the clock strikes twelve give all your loved ones the hugs and kisses they deserve and let the balloons flow from the ceiling to the floor.

So, these were some great New Year celebration ideas that you and your kids can enjoy together. If you thought that making New Year’s Eve memorable was a toughie, then you should definitely give some of these ideas a go. As you embark on a new journey into another 365 days of madness, smiles, surprises, we hope our ideas let you begin with memories to always make you happy. Happy New Year to you. 


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