What fun things to do with your kids during coronavirus school shutdown?

Schools are shut and your little ball of infinite energy is home.

Welcome to the quarantine and ‘parentine’ life.

Just kidding.

We are still unsure when schools will reopen. And are you more unsure of what cool things to do when your kid is home?

Worry not, for we are here to help you!

Without further ado, read our list of things to do with your kid during coronavirus school shutdown:

1. Schools shut, so what? You are the Home Principal

 Call or email your kid’s teachers and ask them for what was planned during the upcoming weeks. You can ask for references such as books, online links or educational videos that will teach the same. Start making a study routine for your child, during the mornings and the evenings. Your kid might crib for now, but as days pass, they will develop a routine and be more disciplined. 

2. Don’t break the routine, create a superb one!

Daily routines are so important. You would know better how long it had taken to inculcate in your kid. This epidemic, however, has disrupted it severely. While schools have shut-down, you must ensure that your kids follow their normal school day routine diligently. Wake them, bathe them, dress them, and put them to sleep as you would on any normal school day so that they don’t get used to the comfort of being home and lose interest in going back to school.

3. Time to learn some good habits with chores

Since you have your little ones around you all day long, you can help them pick up another good habit- cleaning up after themselves. Children learn faster at a younger age and learning household chores will only be a bonus for them during their journey of life. You can start by asking them to help you with little things like clearing up their toys after they have finished playing, wiping the table clean after they finish eating, or arranging their beds every morning after they wake up. Reward them for a good job done which will encourage their future behaviour. Plus, you will have some time to relax rather than worry about all the chores you have to do after them.

4. Play indoor games

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It’s the best time to play all the never-played games gifted by your friends and family on their birthdays.

Or look up the internet to see if you can find anything that might interest your child. Think of your childhood favorites, it’s a great time to replay and relive those memories, together!

5. Build awesome things with DIY activities


Make origami art, build cool characters with play dough, just build anything! Make awesome things out of the ordinary. It’s a great time to furnish your home with stuff made by your little champ. Obviously, they are not only priceless but prettier than things from your decor store.

6.  Watch movies, mindfully!

Of course, your kid is watching movies of their choice during the shutdown.  But make sure you mix them up with entertaining educational videos too. Set movie nights on your calendar to prevent your kid from turning into a couch potato.

7.  Missing best friends? Say hello on a video call

Your kid must be missing their best friends a lot. Get in touch with their parents and arrange a video call with them. You can also ask their parents for tips they are following to make study at home interesting.

8.  Have pets? Play with them

Help your kid take up fun and easy challenges with your pets. Remember the viral invisible blanket prank with dogs, cucumber prank with cats? There are a host of other safe things to do with them. Look up online for more ideas.

9. Cook with your kid

Kids have a natural curiosity towards learning how yummy dishes are cooked. To involve them safely, make them do easy tasks such as wash veggies,  take out seeds, arrange plates and so on. You can also teach them easy recipes for sandwich, shakes and starters they love to gobble.

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What have you been doing to make the stay at home with your kids interesting?

Tell us in the comments, please?


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