Getting My Wonder Child To Sleep

May 2, 2017
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Ting Tong!!   

I’m sure parenthood must have awakened the dormant singer in you by now. (Neighbors switching to ear buds and sound proof windows are dead giveaways of your exemplary midnight solos :P)

Even though others might not enjoy your performance, your child absolutely adores your lullabies for sure...and that’s all that matters :)

I’m a ten year old mother equipped with evergreen blockbusters like "Mere Ghar Aayi Ik Nanhi Pari " and "Chanda Hai Tu " on loop.


(Mothers Unite!! - share some superhits of your own in the comments section below)

I’ve put together some awesome parenting tips & tricks that help me put my wonder child to sleep.

Let me know which one works best for you (No really! I’d love to increase this list more and more and morreee!)

1)       Take your child for a short walk post dinner. Works like a charm – they doze off within minutes!

2)       If you’re up for it, take the mini you for a short drive – stimulates instant slumber.

3)       The Right Ambience: Here’s what we need - A dark room, fluorescent stars on the ceiling, thy comfy presence and a lullaby.

4)       Storytelling sessions and discussing the flow of the day with your little one keeps your little one passively engaged enough to stimulate sleep.

5)       Changing your little one into soft & comfy clothes before slipping them into bed works well too!

6)       Fuel your toddler with small bed snacks and milk before bedtime. Nothing induces sleep like a full belly.

That’s all folks!!

It’s not rocket science, all you need to do is shower your love and be patient along the way – you’ll master sleep in no time!

(and help me increase this list further by sharing some of your awesome mommy tips below :P )


Published On : Dec 16, 2017


Mother, avid writer and a loyal YouHuu user. Loves helping parents with tips, life experiences and learning more about our little one's

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